Bryan Deister


Getting Out

by Deister / Marxer

Released 2018
Released 2018
Debut jazz piano (Deister) and drum (Marxer) duo album with various styles and rhythms and swag vibes my dude. Chill out and then shill out green bean,
We recorded this album in a three weeks, it's a culmination of four years playing music together. Hopefully theres enough variety on the record for you, hopefully there's enough rhythm. That's what this record is though rhythm. Everything else is only valuable because of the time it is in. Theres some 7/5 and some #15, but it's effect is only felt cause of the timing. Also by "we recorded this album" we mean "us." Got in the studio for 3 weeks and just shed it out. Probably did too many takes on some tunes and not enough on others, but all the performances on the record are exactly what we played live, no splicing or studio smoke and mirrors. It's our belief that jazz should be live otherwise it isn't jazz anymore. Even if you missed that last chord and played a wrong one, then you either live with that wrong chord or you do another take. There are definitely quite a few moments on the album that were surprises to us when we played them, but hopefully that keeps the "Getting Out" fresh and not "canned music." If you could tell it's our first album so we hope to be back with even better material soon, even spicer, even outer, even swagger. Bless.